AZUD Modular 100 Screen Filter

Quality conventional filtration option. Available sizes ¾” to 2″ BSP.

AZUD Modular 100 Screen Filter_1

Features and Benefits:
  • Simple construction – rated to 8 bar and 60 deg C.
    Body and cap with captured o-ring seal.
  • Inlet flow diffuser.
    Evenly distributes water along the full length of the cartridge.
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning.
    No tools required to remove the 316 SS screen cartridge.
  • Range of screen mesh sizes (100,130, 200 &520 Micron).
    Choose the grade to suit individual applications.
  • Can be fitted with drain valve.
    Allows partial screen flushing without dis-assembly.
  • Chemical resistance.
    Suitable for use with fertiliser injection systems.
  • Conform to ISO/DIS9912-1.
    Filter element resistance to buckling and tearing.
Typical Applications:
  • Domestic and commercial micro irrigation systems
  • Rural household pre-filtration
  • Recycling water systems
  • Rainwater tanks