Cast Iron Fittings

Reliable, Tough and Dependable

Cast fittings are made in the Dix foundry from T200 grade cast iron. Castings are bitumen dipped for long life. Mild steel bolts and straps optionally available in 316 stainless steel. Rubber rings comply to AS1646 – Elastometric seals for waterworks purposes.

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Features and Benefits:
  • Bitumen coated.
    Corrosion resistant and improves thread sealing.
  • Solid cast-iron construction.
    Strong robust threads will not crack or split when tightening.
  • U-bolt or strap holds saddle to pipe.
    Very tolerant to variations in pipe diameter and shape.
  • Saddle and seal are curved to match the pipe diameter and shape. Distributes the load evenly and supports the pipe.
  • Soft, flexible elastometric seal material.
    Adapts to irregularities in the pipe surface.
  • T200 resistance to electrolysis and corrosion.
    Long-life and dependable.
  • O-ring common to most size.
    Reduced spare parts.
Typical Applications:
  • Mining
  • Water utilities
  • Irrigation systems
  • Industrial water supply
Product Specifications:
  • Fittings to suit PE, PVC, CI and AC pipe
  • Quality cast iron made here in Australia
  • Bitumen coated – can be powder or epoxy coated on request to suit specific requirements.
  • Tapping saddles – 316 stainless steel straps available.
  • Rubber seals manufactured to AS1646 “Elastometric seals for waterworks purposes”
  • Rated to match original pipe specifications
  • Made to order fabrication of fittings available
Product Range:
  • Tapping Saddles
  • Weld On Spigots
  • Gibaults
  • Flanges
  • Air Release Valves