Dix Engineering has a wealth of experience and expertise in Design, Welding and Fabrication.


Complex parts can also be manufactured by welding (fabrication), welding can be a cost effective solution as no tooling cost is required (jigs and fixtures are often used for production efficiency and dimensional uniformity).


We will meet your design, and performance requirements with our expert selection of welding material, welding process and operator skill.




Quality Assurance


Dix Engineering is accredited to AS/NZS ISO9001-2008 Quality Management Requirements and we have continuously held quality accreditation since 1994. We use computerised thermal analysis to control melting and other foundry processes.


Great care is taken in the development of Quality Plans and processes to ensure that customer requirements are met in full. Dix Engineering has extensive knowledge of Australian and international (ISO) Standards which form the basis for our Quality Plans. Also included are:


  • Product Drawings
  • Inspection & Test Plans
  • Quality Control Check Sheets1202 MEDIA 007
  • Surface Finish Requirements
  • Packing and Transport Requirements



Dix Engineering’s Quality Manager works closely with our customers to ensure that all important attributes are covered in each Quality Plan.