IMG_1568Dix Engineering has a wealth of experience and expertise in the supply and manufacture of a wide range of metal castings in aluminium, cast iron bronze and brass. We provide a wide range of our own products, support services and machining services. We also do castings to the specifications of our clients as a jobbing foundry for small to medium volume production runs.

Our team is ready to work with you through all stages of your project or product to provide a quality product on time and at a cost competitive price. Give us a call to find out more…

Dix Engineering has successfully assisted, inventors, entrepreneurs and a number of companies to bring new products to market. With our knowledge of design, material selection, process selection and prototype development, Dix Engineering is well placed to assist you develop new market opportunities for your business.

We are recognised for the combination of skills, equipment capabilities and speed in getting new products to market.IMG_1693

In addition to new products, Dix Engineering has also been called upon to solve problems with design and/or manufacture of existing parts.

Casting is Dix Engineering’s historical strength and we have well in excess of eighty years of experience in the casting process.



The casting process involves heating the metal until it becomes liquid. It is then poured into moulds to achieve the required shape. After casting, the parts may then be machined and heat treated to achieve dimensional and strength characteristics.
Compared to forging, casting generally requires a lower up front tooling cost. Actual cost depends on the casting process – Dix Engineering supplies cast iron and aluminium and bronze castings for specific applications.

Our capacity ranges from mould size up to 100kgs.

We also provide an in house pattern and core making service.IMG_1873



Complex parts can also be manufactured by welding (fabrication), welding can be a cost effective solution as no tooling cost is required (jigs and fixtures are often used for production efficiency and dimensional uniformity). We will meet your design, and performance requirements with our expert selection of welding material, welding process and operator skill.



Tanker 2Dix Engineering can supply a wide range of CNC machined parts from its own workshop. We can also provide from our in-house machine shop a variety of machining milling and turning precision services.



Dix Engineering is accredited to AS/NZS ISO9001-2008 Quality Management Requirements and we have continuously held quality accreditation since 1994. We use computerised thermal analysis to control melting and other foundry processes.

Great care is taken in the development of Quality Plans and processes to ensure that customer requirements are met in full. Dix Engineering has extensive knowledge of Australian and international (ISO) Standards which form the basis for our Quality Plans. Also included are:

  • Product Drawings
  • Inspection & Test Plans
  • Quality Control Check Sheets1202 MEDIA 007
  • Surface Finish Requirements
  • Packing and Transport Requirements

Dix Engineering’s Quality Manager works closely with our customers to ensure that all important attributes are covered in each Quality Plan.



We also provide a Jobbing service for both low and high volume repetition casting. Box capacity up to 1M X 1M in green sand moulding.Azud Helis system 2

The Dix Foundry employs skilled moulders and uses certified material ingot meeting Australian Standards for all castings. This has enabled us to provide quality castings for further machining with confirmation of material chemical composition if required. The foundry is structured to handle both jobbing or production orders for castings, in green sand. Green sand enables us to manufacture smaller components cost effectively. We use induction furnaces for melting which is complimented by having a complete modern engineering shop should value added services be required.

We do custom made products and magic happens behind our green doors – just ask us – we can do it.


We have supplied to many industries including but not limited to:Azud Helix auto system 5

Pump Industry




Power Generation;

Building and Construction;

Manufacturing and Fabrication;

Marine and Leisure;

General Industry;

Food Industry;

Quarry (Hammers and blow bars); and

Agricultural and Irrigation industry.



Foudry end capsWe produce products and a range of components for all restoration purposes. If you don’t see what you were after, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can have it custom made for you.



Irrigation and Agricultural: Tapping saddles, weld on spigots, Gibaults couplings, flanged gibaults, blank ends, tapped ends, sleeves, backing flanges, screwed flanges, reducing flanges, flanges, air release valves.

Name and Date Plaques: We offer many shapes and sizes of plaques. Each plaque can be personalized for example a building’s history; family name, estate name, home address and historic home construction date.

Kerb and Road Markers: Water, Sewage, Irrigation, Communications, Gas and more.
Marine: skegs, rudders, couplings, propellers, tillers, gypsies, bow roller, keel cooling, marina cleats, pipes, port holes, mast steps, propeller repair tips, stern logs, rudder glands, skin fittings, chain claws and more.

Transportation: bus and coach mirrors, arms and mounting brackets, floor hatch lifters, seat arms, car restoration, replacement parts custom made and more

Automotive: alloy housings, gear boxes, brake components, bearing housings, water cooled manifolds, covers, inlet manifolds, bushes, gears, yokes cylinder ends and more
Restoration: Antique balustrades, custom fence components, bath tub claw feet, other restorative or replica work, and more;IMG_1548

Mining: Liners, pump cases, impellers, dragline cable tow brackets, copper based bushes and more;

Council and Civil: plaques, grave markers, name plates, streetscape components and more;

Architectural, Building, Construction and Furniture: concrete log moulds, text impression plates, man holes rings, concrete liners chair and table bases, grilles, bollards, plaques and signs and more;

Tools and machines:

Hammer Heads: Bronze or Aluminium – Ideal for hazardous environment such as petroleum industry, chemical industry, power plant, railroad, and mining etc.

Aluminium Pulleys: all shapes and sizes;


General engineering: Valves for irrigation, water, slurry, gas and steam;

Cooking and Camping: Aluminium and Cast Iron Camp Ovens: 3 different sizes.