Dix Engineering - the one stop engineering shop - has an extensive range of  Steel & Welding Supplies.


Dix Engineering takes great pride in being able to cater to individual customer requirements, providing a wide range of services, from CAD design through to manufacture and installation.


This broad capability ensures that customers' needs are met at every point, making Dix Engineering the ideal 'one stop shop'.


Dix Engineering specialise in jobbing, short run production and is a supplier of steel and welding products.



Industrial products

  • Compressed air componentry
  • Grinding consumables
  • Drills, tape and machining tools
  • Ferrous and nonferrous metal bar and sheet
  • Gas welding consumables and equipment
  • Arc welding consumables and equipment
  • MIG welding consumables and equipment
  • TIG welding consumables and equipment
  • Personal protection safety equipment
  • Stainless and mild steel fasteners
  • Industrial engineering plastics
  • Transmission equipment


Foundry products

  • Brass, bronze, aluminium and cast iron
  • Jobbing and small production runs
  • In-house pattern making
  • Cast iron to 100kg
  • Brass and bronze to 30kg
  • Aluminium to 15kg